Helping Delight Thorntons’ Guests: On the Web, On Mobile, and In-Store
A smart using the Thorntons Refreshing Rewards mobile app.

Driving Loyalty Further


Headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, Thorntons is a family-owned gasoline and convenience store retailer with locations across Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, and Tennessee.

Thorntons strives to be people’s favorite place to stop when they are on the go. They delight each of their guests with fresh, high-quality products, and an unmatched level of service.

Thorntons’ team selected Dynamit to provide a fresh design for the Refreshing Rewards section of its website. Soon after starting our web work, Thorntons decided we would be an ideal partner for their mobile app and in-store kiosk redesigns.

Services Provided

  • User Experience Design
  • Web Application
  • Mobile Application
  • Digital Display
  • Data Architecture
  • Systems Integration
  • Research & Analysis
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We set Thorntons on a path to higher engagement.

Project Goals

To put Thorntons on the path to higher engagement, we sought to hit the following goals in our work together:

Increase participation in Thorntons Refreshing Rewards and app usage

Drive more guests into stores to experience all Thorntons has to offer

Align the mobile app, website section and in-store kiosk to look and perform as a cohesive rewards suite

Create a more personalized rewards interface

Together with the Thorntons team we laid the the digital groundwork to accomplish all of these goals, as well as meet the needs for future aspirations.

Working with Dynamit was great. Very easy to work with and impressive at every step. The team didn't just put us on the right path, they propelled our loyalty program into a new world of possibility!

- Kristin Lynch, Sr. Director of Marketing at Thorntons, Inc.

Thorntons guests are mobile and loyal. Creating a great mobile experience for loyalty program members was essential to a successful revamp of the Refreshing Rewards program.

Mobile Rewards

A Native Approach

Together with Thorntons, we rethought the design, experience, and technology behind the mobile app.

Our process focused on the unique interaction patterns of iOS and Android, ensuring we created an exceptional experience for each platform.

The end result is an app both supports Thorntons' goals today, and is designed and built to adapt and grow to support Thorntons' future. Key features in the mobile app include:

Personal Fuel Price

Loyalty members using the app will always see their gas price at their nearest location. Not the lowest generally available price, but their personal price, factoring in loyalty tier and any other special rewards.

Digital Loyalty Card

Guests no longer need to make sure to bring their loyalty card with them when they visit a Thorntons. They can simply pull out their phone­—and since we integrate with Apple Wallet and Android Pay, users don’t even have to open the app.

Rewards Tracking

Tracking punch-card style “Freequency” rewards has never been easier. Users see their progress directly on their dashboard and can use the app to redeem rewards.

View of Refreshing Rewards mobile app dashboard on Android View of Refreshing Rewards mobile app dashboard on iOS View of Refreshing Rewards mobile app location finder on iOS View of Refreshing Rewards mobile app card view on Android
Refreshing Reward example: Feb. Swipe to Save. Purchase addtional Swipe to Save items to earn more! Frequescy Reward example: Dispensed Beverages. Buy 6 get the 7th Free!

Refreshing Rewards Web

To create cohesion and familiarity for Refreshing Rewards members, we redesigned the Refresh Rewards section of the Thorntons website to look and feel like the mobile app.

The redesigned site section allows users to track and manage their Refreshing Rewards account.

Rewards members can:

Update important personal information

View rewards progress

Opt-in for offers and e-receipts

Refresing Rewards web interface web interface

Rewards In Store

Thorntons strives to delight their guests by making sure their visit is always fast and easy.

To help their on-the-go crowd, they provide a kiosk at the register as an alternate means of tracking rewards progress. Helpful if you forget your phone or rewards card.

In its new state, the kiosk web portal looks and functions beautifully, giving Refreshing Rewards members a quick and convenient way to access their account at the time of purchase. Like everything else we've done for Thorntons, we aligned the design and built the kiosk app to scale for future growth.

Refresing Rewards kiosk interface displayed on an iPad
Node.js Logo

Behind the Counter

App management

For the Refreshing Rewards content managers, we made use of a services-oriented architecture that will allow the application to be easily adaptable and scalable for the future. This will provide Thorntons with an easy-to-use content management platform and a service layer that is easier to update and maintain than strictly native architecture provides.

The service layer works to combine large amounts of data from a number of different sources, and then distills that information down to the things that matter to Thorntons’ guests -- such as gas price at their nearest location -- for display across the web, mobile, and kiosk applications.

The combination of these back-end elements keeps control simplified and in Thorntons’ hands for all three digital touchpoints.